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Trip to Coatsville

Murray reports on the trip to the LIfestyle Property and Garden at Coatsville on 5 November 2014.

Despite the fickle weather prior to and on the morning of our visit, we were blessed with mild to warm conditions and no rain.

Twenty retirees, spouses, partners and friends has a most enjoyable guided tour of 6 acres of immaculate gardens created out of undulating land and difficult North Shore clay.

The huge variety of native and exotic plants and trees were lovingly interspersed with flowing manicured lawns all with neat edges and, on the lower slopes, a picture-perfect large pond with small jetty and dinghy.

Lunch was provided by the owners of the property and located inside their large very tidy garage. We were all seated at tables with white tablecloths and served a variety of hot and cold food as well as tea and coffee. The relaxed lunch venue made for easy conversation and after lunch many chose to leisurely walk around areas of the property that had attracted their interest during the guided tour.

While the number participating in this tour was initially disappointing, it became evident that 20 people made for a more relaxed, informal and easy to manage visit. Considerable interest was expressed in another similar garden tour in the future.


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