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B767 Farewell

In mid March Air New Zealand extended an invitation to retired staff to attend a farewell to the B767 at the Engineering Jetbase on the afternoon of 2nd April.

There were about 80 (not sure of actual number) who turned up on the day comprising a good mix of former pilots, cabin crew, engineers & other retirees from a wide variety of areas throughout the airline.

On production of suitable ID, we were all given Civil Aviation clearance lanyards and then directed to the assembly (training) room where we were warmly welcomed with hot & cold beverages.

Captain Greg Liddy, B767 Senior Fleet Manager gave a brief introduction outlining the importance of this aircraft type which enabled the airline to introduce new destinations and it was one of the first aircraft internationally to operate extended flights over water. In all there were 16 B767s in the fleet that operated between September 1985 to March 2017 – more than 31 years.

After this presentation we were transferred by bus to the hardstand in front of the main engineering hangar where a B767 was parked and had the opportunity to walk through the aircraft, sit in the cockpit, have our photo taken by a commercial photographer and have the resulting photo directly emailed to you.

There was also plenty of time to walk around the tarmac and get up close and personal with the aircraft exterior, its engines (with cowling open), wheel wells and winglets.

On return to the assembly room we were provided with an excellent late afternoon tea, a good selection of hot and cold drinks and time to chat with former colleagues and friends.

Finally, Captain Greg Liddy thanked everyone for taking the time to attend the farewell.

Air New Zealand are to be warmly congratulated for making the effort to recognise the former staff who helped make the B767 such a success and for the manner in which the retirees were hosted.


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