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May 2018 Newsletter

This is the second newsletter for 2018, as we didn't have a newsletter in April. Instead we sent out a survey to all members, and thanks to the 317 members who responded we have filled in a lot of gaps in our database and those who have provided their email address will now get all news by email. We will publish a summary of the responses in the next newsletter, and many of you had queries which will also be followed up.

Newsletter highlights are:

  • Notice of the AGM and mid-year luncheon, and agenda.

  • Nomination form for new committee members

  • Report on the visit to Ardmore Airport

  • Subscriptions reminder

  • Company News headlines

  • Almoners report

  • List of new members

  • Staff Travel Information​

Click here to view or download the full newsletter in printer-friendly pdf format.


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