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July 2023

Our new website awaits you!



by Antoinette Nelson

Our Mid Winter lunch and AGM was attended by 74 members. The AGM was short and sweet, lasting 12 minutes. The main item was a change to the constitution, allowing up to 10 Lifetime Memberships. This was adopted unopposed - a good result

The Subscription Charge remains unchanged at $ 10.00 for the coming year.

In anticipation of the Lifetime Membership motion passing, Murray Robertson, as President, awarded Lifetime Memberships to Laurie Hamlet and John Roscoe after closure of the AGM

  • Laurie has been an active and very supportive member of the club for the past 29 years. He was celebrating his 100th birthday two days after our gathering.

  • John Roscoe who is stepping down from the committee but has been the brain behind the website, being instrumental in setting it up and maintaining it.

Unfortunately we were not able to attract new committee members so our committee is down from eight to seven and it is getting critical now.

Murray Robertson (past president) with incoming president, Jo Foged

New Committee

President: Jo Foged

Secretary: Antoinette Nelson

Treasurer: Gaye Mears

Committee members: Peter Burn, Peter Elmsly, Tania Somerville, Murray Robertson (as past President)

10 Lucky raffle winners received either a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

AGM is over and all relaxing before the buffet opens

The Remuera Club, as usual, put on a very good buffet lunch. Going by the animated conversations and laughter everyone seemed to have had an enjoyable time. More than half the guests were still present at 2.30pm.




Date: Thursday 21 September

Time: arrive 11:45am, buffet lunch from 12 noon to 2pm

Cost: $35 per person (subsidised). Payment is due by 25 August.

Address: Wellington's - 58 Waipuna Road, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060

Bookings: Bookings are now open. Just click on the link below.

Bookings close 25 August (due to Waipuna booking requirements)


Date: Thursday 19 October 2023

Time: from 5:30pm

Cost: Entrance to Lounge is free

Address: cnr Greenlane West Road and, Manukau Road, Greenlane.

Bring along your family and friends for a fun night at the Trots. Meet in the Lyell Creek Lounge on level one. This is an ideal location, close to the action while enjoying a meal with prime seats overlooking the track and a covered viewing stand right outside the door. Bar and betting facilities available.

Bookings: Bookings are not yet open for this event.


Date: Wednesday 6 December 2023

Address: Remuera Club, 27-33 Ohinerau Street, Remuera

Cost: To Be Advised

Bookings: Bookings are not yet open for this event.



You are now reading this on our new website. Just click on the image below to go to the home page. Most content will be familiar but it has been professionally redesigned using a new version of our web software.

Please note that the password for the “Members Only” section on our website is boeing. The information on the “members only” pages is confidential to current members and may not be reproduced or distributed.



Heidi Reeves - 1990-2001 Inflight services, joined as a flight attendant.

Stephen Harrison - 1977-2021 International Cargo, then joined cabin crew.

Graeme Young - 1975-2020 ex Avionics apprentice, radio/radar technician, IT and Engineering planning.

Murray Peachey - 1971-2020 ex Aircraft Engineering apprentice, H&S and Interiors.

David Stewart - 1971-2020 ex NAC cadet, Purchasing, Reservations, PAXCO.

Edward Dixon - 1973-2023 ex Avionics apprentice, DC-10 ATE, Auto-pilots, Flight Simulators.

Christopher Lee - 1988-2021 ex Pilot, flew F27, and all Boeing types, A320 Captain

Erika Sedin - 1992-2022 Longhaul flight attendant

Deborah Seddon - 1998-2021 Ground staff administration based in Wellington



The club has recently awarded Life Membership to four more hardworking and dedicated club members: John GRIBBLE, Roley RACKLEY, Ian STEEL and Dick WILLIAMS. They have been sent a congratulatory letter along with the Life Membership name badge.



Yvonne (Vonne) MARSH passed away on 13 March 2023 aged 87.



President Jo Foged Secretary Antoinette Nelson

Treasurer Gaye Mears

Committee Peter Burn, Peter Elmsley, Murray Robertson, Tania Somerville.


Subscriptions for the 2023/24 year are now due. Subscriptions are $10 per year.


We encourage you to wear name badges at lunches and on any trips. It makes it so much easier when you know a face but can't quite remember the name that goes with it so please order yours now if you plan to attend any of the events coming up. Cost is $15 for pin-on badge and $20 for magnetic type.


Please note there are only three ways payments can be made to our bank account:

- by POLIPAY from an online order form.

- by deposit at any ANZ counter or ATM.

- by online banking / direct credit to account 06-0222-0851695-00

PARTICULARS - your surname, CODE: 'Subs' or other , REFERENCE: your phone number

Due to high bank charges it is no longer possible for us to accept cash deposits or phone banking through other banks. Full details are also on our website.


Regular media releases are published online by Air New Zealand and you can access these from our website under the heading Links.


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