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May 2021 Newsletter

Notice is hereby given that the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Air New Zealand Retired Staff Club (Northern) will be held at the Remuera Club (27-33 Ohinerau St, Remuera) on Wednesday 9 June 2021. The bar opens at 11:30am and the AGM will commence at 12 noon. Buffet lunch will be served at 12:30pm, followed by dessert and coffee. Cost: $35 per person.


It is with very much regret that we have accepted our Treasurer, Roley Rackley's resignation from our Committee. Roley has served on the Committee for nearly 15 years, and we will miss the cog behind the wheels of the Club's financial accounting. In the interim, Gaye Mears has accepted the role of Acting Treasurer, and will stand for this position at our AGM.

We are also losing our stalwart Ian Steel who has served on our Committee as President, Acting President and also wrote the Newsletter for many years. Ian's dedication has been infinite.

Our Almoner Brian Cudby is also resigning, having provided regular information to our members of those friends in the Company who have passed away. We will miss his quiet calm dedication. We wish all of these dedicated committee members well in their future, and hope they enjoy relaxed events with our Retirees in the years to come.

So with the loss of John Hooper, and three of our stalwarts no longer able to remain on the committee, we are inviting nominations for new committee members. The commitment is not huge, with only 6 meetings a year, so if you know someone suitable who can have an input towards future trips and events, or help with newsletters or the Almoners role, please ask them to consider nomination.


Café 1909, Maungakiekie Golf Club, 8 April 2021

A very successful luncheon was held at Café 1909 where approximately 80 of our members enjoyed the meal together. The atmosphere was buzzing with conversation and laughter and it was great to be able to finally hold this event after having to cancel twice last year. Congratulations to Adolf Hoekstra who won the bottle of champagne for being the oldest member attending.


We extend a warm welcome to the following new members who have recently joined us and we look forward to meeting up with them at our regular functions:

Trevor Bell 1979-2014 Domestic Cargo and International Cargo Mangere

Helen Barlow 1975-1997 Secretary in Head Office, Inflight Services.

Richard Comrie 2000-2020 Vendor Management and Procurement Consultant

Dave Anderson 2001-2020 No 1 Hangar Christchurch Team 20

Rhondy Cox 1995-2020 Technical Records/Configuration Tracking, 2007 Team Leader

Bob Farrell 1958-1985 Airframe Apprentice on Sunderland and Solent flying boats. Flight Engineer

Ravi Dixon 1985-2019 Domestic & International Flight Attendant

Justyn McKay 1975-2020 Air NZ (International) Cabin Crew

Bruce Milner 1971-2019 Duty Manager Maint Ops Center

Frank Sumich 1965-2020 Apprentice TEAL, CHC 7yrs, WLG 2yrs, AKL from 1985 Maint Ops

Iain McRobie 1979-1988 ex Cargo, Flight Ops and Computer Centre

Alan Reader - 1977-2020 ex Avionics apprentice, Engineering Tech Services and Interiors

Roz Pascoe - 1977-2005 Accounts and Reservations control


Since the February 2021 Almoner's report, I can advise with sadness that:

John HARRIS, died at the Totara Hospice, South Auckland, on Friday 26 February. John was a Foreman in the Ground Support Engineering Garage and a member of Air New Zealand 1972-82.

Anthony Charles WAREHAM (Tony). Passed away peacefully on Monday 8 March 2021 at Totara Hospice, South Auckland, after a short illness. Dearly loved husband and soul mate of Pauline. At Tony's request a private cremation took place. Tony was a highly respected avionic engineer at Air NZ. He also enjoyed the companionship of the Auckland Flyfishing Anglers Club and was an active member of Combined Probus Club Botany, Dannemora. (non member)

Heather Anne BURTON. Passed away on 13 March 2021. Heather was born on 09 December 1950, and was the beloved wife of the late Jack Burton. A memorial service was held on 18 March in Henderson for Heather, who had worked in Finance and was widely known and respected. (not a club member)

Captain Keith TRILLO. Died in Middlemore Hospital on 16 March 2021. Keith joined NAC from Whanganui as a cadet, flew the DC3 aircraft and then the Friendship – which he captained. He later moved on to DC8s and DC10s - after the NAC/Air NZ merger in 1978 - back to the DC8 in the freighter mode and then to the 747-200 until he retired. Keith had a colourful life and amongst other things was known to be an avid restorer. There was no funeral at Keith’s request. (not a club member).

Win NELSON passed away suddenly on Monday 29 March 2021, at the Cambridge golf course, doing what he loved. Win joined NAC / Air New Zealand in 1958 and worked in Aircraft Maintenance where he retired in 2003. Much loved and loving husband of Sally for 55 years. A memorial service to celebrate Win's full life was held at Red Beach Surf Club, on Wednesday 7 April at 3pm.

Raymond John WALL Died peacefully in Wanganui hospice on Sunday 11 April 2021, aged 86 years. Beloved husband of Myra for 62 years. Cleared for his final flight. In accordance with John's wishes, a family funeral has been held.

Lionel (Larry) HENNESSEY died peacefully at his home on Monday 12 April, aged 95. Dearly loved husband of the late Joan. Special friend of Elaine. After service in the British army Larry joined Air New Zealand in 1970. He retired as the much respected Air New Zealand corporate Personnel Manager in 1982. He will be well remembered by his many friends and colleagues. Larry’s funeral was held at the Chapel of Faithful Funeral Services, Hibiscus Coast on Friday 16 April 2021, followed by a private cremation.

Lynette Maureen FRANCIS (Lynne) passed away on 14th April after a short illness. Lynne will be fondly remembered by the large numbers of executives that she helped and advised in her Executive Assistant role – which she very effectively carried out with discretion and considerable charm. A funeral service to celebrate Lynne’s life was held at Morrison Funeral Home, Glen Innes on 23 April 2021.

Kenneth (Ken) MATCHETT passed away recently. Ken worked in Finance. The funeral of Kenneth Matchett took place on 23 April 2021 at Northcote Baptist Church.

Athol John McPHEE, a long time Air NZ employee, sadly died on Wednesday 28th of April 2021, aged 80 years. Dearly loved husband of the late Evelyn. A service of thanksgiving was held at the Salvation Army, New Lynn on the 4th of May, followed by a private cremation.

Our condolences, deepest sympathy and very best wishes are extended to all family members.

Brian Cudby, Almoner

Please note that the password for the “Members Only” section on our website is 'viscount’ . The information on the “members only” pages is confidential to current members and may not be reproduced or distributed.

You may have noticed a new addition to the front page Have Your Say. Here you may add any interesting airline related news, events, information and history titbits or ask for information.




Maxwell BRISTER, Heather BURTON, Errol CARR, Eileen CLARK, Terry COLEY, Malcolm(Blue) FINDLAY, Lynne FRANCIS, Malcolm FRASER, John HARRIS, Lionel(Larry) HENNESSEY, John HOOPER, Rene JANSEN, Graham (Snow) LLOYD, Athol McPHEE, Ken MATCHETT, Thomas MOODY, Roger MURRAY, Winston (Win) NELSON, Tony OSMENT, Clarrie PACE, May PARFITT, Peter PRITCHARD, David SIMPSON, Eric SIMPSON, Leslie SIMPSON, Keith TRILLO, Les TURNER, John WALL, Anthony WAREHAM, Sydney (Tony) WILLIAMS.

  1. Apologies

  2. Minutes of 39th Annual General Meeting Proposed motion: "THAT THE MINUTES OF THE 39th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AS CIRCULATED, BE ACCEPTED AND APPROVED AS A TRUE AND CORRECT RECORD" Please read the 2020 AGM Minutes here (please disregard the voting form as used last year)

  3. Matters Arising from last year's AGM minutes

  4. President's Report - Please read below

  5. Treasurer's Report - will be circulated at the meeting Proposed motion: "THAT THE ANNUAL ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 MARCH 2021 AS CIRCULATED, BE ADOPTED."

  6. Set Annual Subscription Proposed motion: "THAT THE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION FOR 2021/2022 BE $10."

  7. Appoint Almoner.

  8. Appoint Financial Reviewer.

  9. Election of Committee Officers: President, Treasurer, Secretary Other members: Up to 10 elected full members SEE NOMINATION FORM HERE

  10. Proposed Rule changes. The committee is proposing several rule changes to Financial procedures and to ensure continuity of the Management committee. Please read the full details of proposed rule changes here. All changes are highlighted. Proposed Motion: "THAT THE CLUB RULES BE AMENDED AS CIRCULATED AND AS DETAILED IN THIS NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING."

  11. Any Other Business


If you wish to attend, please book online on our website. NOTE: You must register to attend and be a paid up member in order to vote at the AGM, but you are most welcome to bring a non-member guest.

NOTE: If you are in arrears with your subs you can add your overdue subscription to your lunch payment.

Reminder: Don't forget to wear your name badge. If you don't have one yet, see the purchase details on our website.


It is my privilege to present this report and highlight the activities of your club over the past 12 months. This has been one of the most unusual and difficult years in the club’s history with the onset of the Covid19 epidemic resulting in lockdowns and major disruptions to our lives and lifestyle.

Sadly, in October 2020 our President, John Hooper became sick and had to step down from his position. This was followed by the devastating news in January 2021 that he had passed away.

During 2020 we had no outings; very few meetings and even the AGM was carried out by postal agenda and voting. The 2020 Christmas Lunch was the first opportunity for us to get together since the Christmas 2019 lunch and we had an excellent turnout of 180 people.

Because of the problems being experienced by Air New Zealand, who normally provide us with a guest speaker, your committee decided to forgo this item and instead substitute additional prizes from club funds so the final prize pool consisted of 12 bottles of wine, two Christmas Hampers (one with an additional Ham) and domestic airline tickets.

This year we held a very successful lunch at Maungakiekie Golf Club where we achieved the greatest attendance, in my memory, at any casual function of 84 persons. Obviously you had all been feeling deprived with the Covid restrictions. Well done!

The club website content continues to grow, with access to latest newsletters, details of functions, membership renewals, company news items and many more interesting items. I encourage you all to explore this great resource and familiarize yourselves with what it contains.

The committee has three members retiring at the AGM, being Brian Cudby, Roley Rackley and Ian Steel and of course we lost President John Hooper earlier in the year. We thank them all for their years of service to the committee and we also sincerely thank all the current Officers and Management committee members who work so hard to keep the club operating.

Thank you

Ian Steel,

Acting President


If you are reading this online, this should not apply to you.

Previously, our newsletters were printed and posted by Air New Zealand at no cost to our club. As this is no longer an option, we reluctantly need to pass on this cost to those who still want printed copies. After this current mailout there will be a charge of $10 per year to continue getting printed copies posted to you. This will be aligned with the Annual Club subscription.

There is no cost if we can send the online newsletters by email, so please let us know as soon as possible if you can use email - contact us from the contact page on our website


Regular media releases are published online by Air New Zealand and you can access these from our website under the heading Links.


Please note that subscriptions are due immediately after being set at the AGM. To remain as a paid up financial member the current year's subscription plus any arrears must be paid, and your membership will lapse if subs are more than two years in arrears. Please note that we can no longer accept payment by cheques, so please use direct debit or phone banking for all payments including fees.

  • When you receive your newsletter by email, the message will include your subscription status at the time the email is sent. If your subscription is current it will show (Paid to 2021) or later if you have paid in advance.

  • Newsletters sent by post show the subscription status (paid to date) on the address label.

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You can also download the printed version of this newsletter that was posted to members without email.


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